WP SPEEDEZY |Make Your WP Site Perform Up To 10-30X FASTER


We all understand that Google keeps a watch on a site’s load time before ranking them in search, so the faster your site loads the higher ranking it will get.

An All-In-One, Advanced WordPress Plugin that makes your sites Smoking Fast with Just a Few Clicks of Your Mouse!

It takes care of all The complicated coding tasks required for you in the background, instantly going to work activating powerful web performance functions so that you can seamlessly experience a drastically improved website quickly and easily. WP SpeedEZY helps in optimizing your website by removing all unwanted scripts, styles, functions, options, etc. etc. which will take you ages to do or pay a pretty penny to have a programmer take care of it for you. The best part is this plugin is designed to offer you functionalities of almost 12 different WordPress plugins at the price of just one


·         Smoking Fast Sites

·         Higher Rankings

·         Enhanced Customer Experience

·         8-10 Different Plugins Functionality

·         Newbie-Friendly Interface

·         Zero Coding Skills Required

·         Step-by-Step Training Videos

·         And so much more



Firelaunchers et al



Launch Date:


Launch Time:

11:00 EDT

Front-End Price:






STEP:1 Install the Plug-in

Download and install this awesome plugin in your WordPress dashboard and your site. Do not forget to activate it.

STEP:2 Customize Settings

From the Simple, User-Friendly Interface, select the Options you want to Optimize or Remove.

STEP:3 Save Your Changes and Enjoy Bullet-Fast Sites

8Click on the Save Setting buttons and voila, you are DONE! Now just recline and enjoy the perks of having a super-fast site.


·          Potentially increase your Google Rankings

·         Make Your WP sites Smoking Fast

·         Save you Time and Money

·         Provide Functionality of 8-10 Different Premium Plugins

·         Enhance Your User-Experience and Conversions

·         Higher Traffic and Insane Profits

·         User-Friendly Interface and Training Videos

·         Mind-Blowing Bonuses



·         Remove WooCommerce Generator tag, styles, and scripts from non-WooCommerce pages.

·         Remove bbPress CSS styles and scripts from non-bbPress pages.

·         Force JavaScript to load in the footer.

·         Remove query string from static resources.

·         Remove all sorts of Head tags (10 different options can be selected)

·         Manually select and remove unwanted jetpack styles and functions (24 options)

·         Ability to remove comments.

·         Ability to remove empty p tags.

·         Option to remove Dash icons from the frontend (your WordPress admin panel will work 100%).

·         Force Remove URL Field From Comments.

·         Force Remove Comment Edit Links

·         Force Remove Comment Logout Link.

·         Remove Jetpack Related Posts

·         Powerful Cache Mechanism

·         Revamped Minification

·         Inline CSS and js minification

·         Choose and exclude files from minification.

·         Fully CDN supported.

·         Add Expire Header To Your .htaccess File.

·         Integrate Cache-Controll In Your .htaccess File.

·         Enable GZip Compression Via .htaccess File.

·         Help Facilitate Sending Gz-Encoded Data To Web Browsers.

·         Disable ETags Completely – Recommended By Google & Yahoo.

·         Remove Comment-Reply.Min.Js File.

·         Remove WP – Embed.Min.Js File.

·         Enable DEFLATE Lossless Data Compression (**Your Host Needs To Support It)

·         Support for Varnish cache. (**Your Host Needs To Support It)

·         Multiple Database backup/restore module

·         Save Database locally OR send via Zip to Email of choice

·         Complete list of System Information and loads etc.


Bonus 1 WP Youtube Leads Plugin

In order to be a success online, one thing you cannot and must not overlook and that is…Video! But you may already know that, moreover, you may also already know that YouTube is the King of Videos…But do you know that you can leverage the potential of YouTube to actually build your email list?
With this one incredible plugin, you will enhance the user engagement of your YouTube videos and increase your mailing list, quickly and easily. It will do all the hard work for you and you’ll enjoy the results with just a few clicks.

Bonus 2 WP Cool Live Chat

If you are an online business owner, your first priority may be making your business more profitable and meet the ROI of your marketing investments. The thing is that a huge amount of traffic gone wasted without converting them into leads or customers.
The good news is that, according to the various test and A/B testing that having a LIVE CHAT feature in your online store website or services converts higher compared to those websites that don’t have. And this brand new, sizzling Hot WP Plugin enables you to add conversion-increasing Live Chats that will send your Profits through the roof!

Bonus 3 WP Ad Hub Plugin

If you are a blogger with less technical skills in terms of modifying your current WordPress and Functions, you may end up limited to where you want your ads to be seen in your blog or website. Well, there are some themes that have some specific functions in terms of ads in your blog but most of these themes are a premium version where you have to pay.
WP Ad Hub is a WordPress plugin designed to provide flexible control over what ads get displayed and where – each day a specific ad image can be dynamically displayed, simplifying the complex process for you.

Bonus 4 WP Conversion Tracker

Not tracking your conversions and progress is like not bothering to look-up for your results after giving exams. If you don’t know what offer on your site capturing your visitors’ interest and where you are lacking in stunning them, then you will keep wandering in the dark.
But not anymore, WP Conversion Tracker is a brand new WP plugin that will improve website conversions based on smart data, know all about your website visitors and rapidly identify the traffic investment that is producing for you the most money and you are good to go.

Bonus 5 WP Sell Anywhere

A payment gateway is an important part of making sales. Without a checkout button and a payment gateway, you won’t make a dime online because your potential customers won’t have any idea about how to pay you. And it is a hassle to create a payment button whether you are using PayPal or not.
With this simple plugin, you can create a PayPal button and alternative payment button for those countries where PayPal is not accepted so you don’t miss any sales! You can add unlimited products to any WP post or WP page


Our Incredible ‘WP SpeedEZY’ Comes with Risk-Free, 30 Days 100% Money Back Policy!!!

We are positively convinced that WP SpeedEZY will work for you to get higher rankings and traffic. This is the reason we are backing this offer with our Iron-clad 30 Days 100% Money Back Policy.
If you came to the conclusion that this not the product you are looking for and is not helping you in any way. You just drop us an email within 30 days of your purchase. We will refund your entire amount, no questions asked.



I don’t know any technical stuff; will this work for me too?
Absolutely, we have built this plugin so that anyone, even newbies could use it without any problem. There are no technical skills required. Also, we are providing you with step-by-step training videos to guide you through every step of the way.

Can I use this plugin for my old websites?
Yes, WP SpeedEZY works seamlessly for all your websites including Pre-existing sites as well. Just follow the steps and you can breathe life back to them. But please make sure that you buy our unlimited site license.

Is it compatible with Mac?
Yes! Since this is a WordPress plugin, this will work when using ANY computer including Mac. All you need is WordPress on your site and it will work for you effortlessly.

Will you show me how to install and use this plugin to its full potential?
Sure, we have included over-the-shoulder; step-by-step video training for you so that can easily install it and start taking advantage of this awesome plugin.

Do you charge any monthly fee for this plugin?
No, there are no monthly or hidden charges. You just have to pay once to get instant access to this advanced plugin.

Do you provide any support?
Yes, we have a fully dedicated support team for you if you have any questions and queries regarding our products and services.

Can you please elaborate the Licensing Options?
Yes, we have 2 Licenses for ‘WP SpeedEZY’ both will be having the same features and work seamlessly for you. The only difference is if you opt for Single Site License, you can install it on only YOUR SINGLE WP SITE. And with Unlimited Site License, You can install it on your as many WP sites as you want.

Is my Investment risk-free?
Of Course, we understand the value of your hard-earned dollars and assure you that this will be your best investment in terms of ROI. Also, you are backed by our 30 Days 100% Money Back Policy. If you are unsatisfied with our product, drop us an email within 30 Days of Your Purchase and we will return your amount.

Can I Install it on my client’s Website?
Well, Yes you can but not with this purchase. With this purchase, you will only get the Single Site License License. But you can get Full Developers’ Rights on the Upsell Page. Once you purchase developers license you can use it for your clients or for anyone else.


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