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In order to have a video, you will have to go through a lot of steps such as capturing, editing and publishing content. And the most troublesome thing is how to get your video noticed because videos are changing a lot. Many good videos in the world are still sunk and cannot appear before viewers.

Fortunately, there is a tool that helps you create a class video -It is called Klippyo


KLIPPYO is a brand new 100% cloud based video creation tool that can help you to make extremely engaging videos in mere minutes. The top videos right now have lots of graphics, captions, intro, and more.  Even if you have the best content, it’s still tough to win out over these videos that have that professional edge.

Now Klippyo gives you that edge too and it’s so easy anybody can do it.

Klippyo is web-based so that means you can use it from your computer, your tablet, or even your phone. It is a brand new, all-in-one video creation software for forgeneratinging high-quality, attention-grabbing videos fast. With Klippyo, all you need to do is shootinging, editinging, and postinging high-class videos from your phone in formats in just 3 simple steps optimized for social media.


CreatorJoey Xoto
Launch Date2019-May-28
Launch Time11:00 EDT
Front-End Price$77 Personal License$97 Studio License
Special BonusesYES
Refund Policy30 day Money back Guarantee



Log In To Klippyo From Anywhere

Klippyo is 100% web based, which means it can work on your mobile device, tablet, laptop or PC. You can work from anywhere.

Shoot your video

Upload your footage or import a pre-existing video into the Klippyo editor!

Make it awesome

The Klippyo editor makes creating the perfect video easy.

Make it double awesome

Add professional intros, outros, and interactive captions to your videos to make them first class.

Publish your video

Choose your favorite social platform or publish to multiple platforms from right inside the app.


Classic Video

Classic video isn’t dead, and you’re still going to want it a LOT. That’s why with Klippyo, making a ‘classic’ video is the easiest it’s ever been.

Square Video

Square videos give you 78% more screen real-estate, and that means you’re grabbing attention from the very first second. This is a video revolution, and you can get in on it with a couple of clicks.

Meme Videos

Turn any video into a meme with one click. Combine the attention-grabbing power of the regular static meme, with the engaging power of video to produce stunning results from mobile newsfeeds on any platform.

Captioned Videos

Did you know 85% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound off? That’s how important captioning is. You can upload captions easily into Klippyo’s editor, or use the in-app captioning service for just $XX/XXX.

Compilation Videos

Create videos in a flash using Klippyo’s huge collection of stock imagery, or pull in videos direct from YouTube, add a bit of Klippyo magic and combine them into your own creation.

Vertical Videos

Are your videos being watched on mobile? With 63% of web traffic on mobile, you better believe they are. With Vertical video, your videos can be tailored for gorgeous mobile viewing.

Video Intros and Outros

Make your videos enter with a BANG. Choose from a selection of customizable intros and outros to grab attention, create easy branding, and inspire action with clear, direct calls to action.

And if you’ve got a Viddyoze account, you can connect it directly to Klippyo and have their huge animation collection available at your fingertips.

Incredible Filters

* To be released in first update.

You don’t have to be on Instagram to make your videos look like a million dollars. All you need is the right filter, and Klippyo has a video filter for every occasion.



Custom aspect ratios

Shoot, edit and publish in any aspect ratio that suits your content, platform, or device. Set any custom ratio you want to make sure your videos outclass your competition in format as well as style without the need for extra software.

Direct Social Media Integration

Share straight to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube without having to go through multiple steps or change apps.

Quote Integration

Everybody loves a good quote. Klippyo’s direct integration with a popular quotation site makes it fast and easy to create a quote video and publish it right away.

Emojis and Stickers

Emojis and stickers are a great way to encourage likes, shares, and many other reactions that bring more people into your sphere of influence. And now it’s possible to add them directly to your videos.

Premium Audio Experience

Choose from 1000 fully licensed audio tracks to deliver a premier audio experience with every video you publish.

100% Cloud Based

Windows? Mac? Tablet? Smartphone? Doesn’t matter. Use Klippyo on any device, in any place with an internet connection

Phenomenal Customer Support

24/7 support because you are the most essential part of our app. Without you, we don’t exist – and we know it

Import video direct from your mobile phone

Shoot your video and send it to the Klippyo editor in one super-smooth process

Instant Import From YouTube

Just give Klippyo the URL of any YouTube video and it’ll import it directly into the Klippyo editor. Video, audio, the whole shebang. And once it’s there, you can add effects, change video styles, create filters – do ANYTHING just as if you’d recorded the video yourself.

300,000 Stock Video Clips Available To Download

No extra subscriptions needed. Klippyo gives you access to an enormous stock footage library, and you can download 80 assets and use them in your videos, as many times as you like.(And yes, they all come with full commercial rights, so your clients can have stunning video too)

10 Ready Made Projects Let You Create Full Videos In Minutes

These are full-length video sequences that give you complete creative control.

Any time you want a killer video out the door fast, just pick a sequence and switch it up with any client or brand specific logos and text, and you’re good to go.And because these sequences are built in Klippyo, you can change them however you want. Want to add a new video clip or shift around what’s there? You can do it in just a couple of clicks.



I strongly mention this product if you are

·         Affiliate marketers

·         Shop owners

·         Video marketer

·         Product promoter

·         Business

·         Bloggers

·         And more



No need for too much experience or skill

▪       Does not require the support of other software

▪       Include commercial license

▪       Powerful operation

▪       Simple interface to use

▪       There is 24/7 support staff

▪        Friendly with new people


▪       Honestly, I have not discovered any disadvantages when using it.



I think this is a video creation tool worth investing. Also, you can rest assured to use it with 30 days return refund.

I hope you will make the earliest decision to receive the most preferential price today.


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