CONTENT BURGER | Now Anyone Can Create Amazing Content With Their Sites


Content is the #1 component you’ll need to draw in your audience and convert them to loyal followers and buyers…

ContentBurger is a Powerful content marketing and social media management platform for publishers, brands, agencies and, startups to find share the best content consistently and increase their reach.

Now Anyone Can Create Amazing Content With Their Sites and Social Media Profiles In A Flash!

By using Content Burger in your content marketing, you’ll combine the best of site posting and social media posting. It’s like having 50 tons of gasoline with 2000 pounds of dynamite. All you have to do is light it and watch your content marketing explode! Content Burgers drive traffic, generate leads and make sales in any market:

·         Affiliate Offers

·         Digital Products

·         Physical Goods

·         Coaching Clients

·         Even Offline Businesses!


Vendor:Ifiok Nkem
Product:Content Burger
Launch Date:2020-Mar-21
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$47
Recommendation:Highly Recommend
Refund:30 Days Money Back Guarantee



 Step 1 Pick or Search a Topic:

 Use the intuitive dashboard and composer to search for sources and create your post

 Step 2 Select Accounts: 

Select which accounts you want to post the content to from all the major social and blog channels

Step 3 Customize 

Make any final customization you desire and optimize for various social and blog channels

Step 4 Publish and Automate:

 Publish immediately or use the powerful scheduler to automate your content delivery.



You’ll be able to automate:

·         Articles to Blog

·         Articles to Social media

·         Videos to Blog

·         Videos to Social Media

·         RSS Fields to Social Media

·         and a Bulk CSV Uploader to post by uploading your contents in a CSV File


The Easy To Use Dashboard

As you’ll soon see, Content Burger is an absolute content powerhouse machine! But that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult to use. That’s why we’ve very carefully designed Content Burger in a way that’s easy to use for even the most technologically challenged person.

Whatever you want to do with your content, you’ll know exactly where to find it in Content Burger. This way you can get to what truly matters and that’s building your business as well as your bottom line.

The Content Burger Fast Start Wizard

As we’ve previously stated, Content Burger is very easy to navigate. But just to make sure that Content Burger is a no brainer to use, whenever you log in, you’ll be greeted with the fast start wizard.

This wizard is designed to quickly walk you through the features of Content Burger so you can get to creating engaging profitable content fast!

Stay Organized With Workspaces

If you’re in different markets and niches, or doing freelance work for different clients, then you’ll love the workspaces option in Content Burger.

This will help you stay organized and efficient and never have to search for different posts or content across a number of markets.

When you log in to Content Burger, just select the workspace you want to work from and only content, sources, and posts that are relevant to that category will be shown to you..

3 Different Content Composers To Help You Create Engaging Content Fast!

There’s no limit on the types of posts you can create within Content Burger. We’ve made sure to cover all the bases. That’s why we give you three different ways to create posts with rich formatting options included.

When you login today, you’ll find the following composers ready to do your bidding

Content Discovery At Your Fingertips

You’ll also find tons of sources for you to research and get inspiration for your articles. Plus, you can embed any of these sources into your original content any time you choose.

Post to WordPress, Medium and Tumblr Easily

Content Burger integrates with WordPress and Medium so you can do everything right from the composer. This allows you to manage all your blogs from one place as well as write for any publications you might be a part of on the Medium platform.

Because WordPress is the most popular content management system online, adding the ability to post directly to your WordPress sites right within Content Burger will power up your blogs even more.

Got An Idea? Save As A Draft For Later…

Sometimes you have the workings of a great post or content that you want to create, but just can’t get to it at the moment. Well why not put the idea in place in Content Burger and come back to it later?

This way you won’t lose your inspiration for any of the great ideas you have for future content.

Syndicate To Popular Social Media Sites In A Flash!

Creating amazing posts is one thing, but sharing it is another. When you create your posts using all the features in Content Burger you can also quickly and easily syndicate that content across a number of different platforms. This allows you to build more of an audience and even siphon traffic back to your sites to help build your business.

Just follow the simple steps inside of Content Burger and you can have your all your content created and syndicated by the time you’ve had your morning coffee.

Integrate with your Favorite Tools

ContentBurger Connects with some of the World’s Leading Platforms for Videos, Images, Memes and even Robust Graphic Design Softwares like YouZign.

A Dynamic Planner To Let You Manage Your Content Strategy Under One Roof

With the planner inside of Content Burger you can plan all your content marketing with the interactive calendar or list view.

This eliminates the needs for cumbersome spreadsheets and other platforms that just don’t play nicely together. You’ll be able to increase your productivity multi-fold from a single interface that connects all the moving pieces together.

View by day, month, and year to organize your content goals with more efficiency. Plus this way you can get a ton of content done and focus on other elements of your business!

Automation Recipes To Share Your Content In A Jiffy!

While the automation is flexible inside of Content Burger, we’ve also included some recipes to help you automate all the content you create without any hassle.

You’ll be able to automate:

·         Articles to Blog 

·         Videos to Blog

·         RSS to Social Media

·         Articles to Social Media 

·         Videos to Social Media

·         Bulk CSV Uploader

Know What’s Working Exactly With Deep Analytics

Make informed business decisions through meaningful insights from social media analytics. Use the feedback from analytics reports and fine-tune your social media strategy for optimal performance.

These numbers will give you a statistical view of your social media and content performance so there’s no guesswork when it comes to knowing which content you create is effective.

The Flexible Content Scheduler You’ve Always Dreamt Of…

Whether you like to schedule, reschedule, queue, or bulk upload your posts, we have plenty of options to fill your content calendar. Our queue categories allows you to store unlimited queued posts tied to particular themes.

You can set your own posting interval for each campaign to create an optimal posting frequency. You can even create a custom schedule by choosing the best days and times for publication.

Drag and Drop Embedding From 9+ External Sources

With Content Burger, the entire web’s content is your oyster. You can search in real time from multiple sources for content that will greatly enhance your posts.

This includes articles, videos, and images, which is as simple as dragging and dropping into the composer for easy editing and content creation.

Eliminate Writer’s Block With The Content Assistant!

As I mentioned earlier, we all have those times where we’re just staring at a blank screen wondering what to write. This option helps cure that writer’s block by giving you ideas to pick from to get you moving.

Using the smart suggestion technology included in Content Burger, you’ll be able to get related keyword suggestions to help you further expand your content. You can also exclude any keywords with a single click.

Repurpose Content For Each Social Network and Make It Look Unique

Hey, if you’re like me you probably don’t want to do extra work where you don’t have to right? Well Content Burger can help with that too!

Plus, you’ll be able to gather ideas and inspiration on what to include in your next blog or social media post by searching for relevant content with your keywords across the web and major social networks.

True A.I. Generated Post Captions

If you want a helping hand, our A.I. is here to help. You’ll be able to get context-relevant captions for your social media posts that look like they were written by a human.

This system finds interesting pieces from the articles and will generate a compelling caption that draws in readers like bees to honey.

Full Content Previews Without The Annoying Ads

When you search for articles, Content Burger will pull only the content. This way you can preview the source without having to wait for those traffic sucking ads to load.

This cuts down on distractions as well as saves you time by not having to visit each site individually.

Content Burger Supports Multiple Regions and Languages Too!

Our AI monitor for new content in different regions and languages across different content Types. This is great for those who might want to do more outside of where English is the primary language.

Automatic Citation For All Your Curation Needs

Whenever you’re using other content in your posts, you always have to make sure you’re 100% compliant. Therefore every piece of content that you didn’t create needs to have mention back to the source.

But copying links and jumping between tons of tabs can be draining. That’s why when you drag and drop a source into the composer in Content Burger, CB will automatically add the citation source for you!

Drip Feed Publishing Lets You Set and Forget!

If you want to create an order of how your content is shared, Content Burger can do that too. You can choose the primary blog where the content will get posted and then setup secondary blogs or social media sites to follow.

This is a great strategy for SEO as your site will get first mention of the content you’re attracting readers to. Plus, the system takes care of canonical tags in the secondary blogs to avoid a duplicate content issue.

Create Campaigns To Reach Your Content Marketing Goals

Everyone starts out with great intentions, but sometimes even the best of us can get sidetracked or derailed. That’s why you’ll love the campaign manager inside of Content Burger.

This option is woven through the very fabric of Content Burger so all of your scheduling and planning goes off without a single hitch. This way you can know with 100% accuracy that you’ll reach your content marketing goals month in and month out.

Add Custom Sources and RSS Feeds For Market Insights

While Content Burger comes with sources built in that you can search, you’ll also be able to add your own custom sources as well.

This is great because now you can stay on top of your market from one dashboard. Simply add your sources or rss feeds and you have a hub of sources you can tap into at any time to help you create your own posts even faster!



·          Business Owners

·          Publishers

·          Brands

·          Agencies

·          Startups

·          Product Creators


 Dominate Medium

Medium is an absolute traffic power house. There are so many people who visit the site daily looking for ideas and stories they can read.

But did you also know that Medium has a partner program that you can get paid from?

Yep. I know of people who start earning from their writing with Medium in 30 days or less.

Now you can use Content Burger to find hot trending content that coincides with top articles on Medium and then model that to create your own. Use the content discovery options and search options to find content you can curate from and post to Medium. There are people who use this same strategy writing about certain topics and make hundreds of even thousands of dollars every single month from Medium.

Create Sites That You Can Flip For Thousands of Dollars

Flip Sites for Thousands

You only need to do a quick search over at Flippa to see that there are people who are always looking for sites they can buy.

But did you know that sites that have a small bit of earnings and traffic wind up selling for thousands of dollars? And some of these sites have no products to sell or any affiliate links. It’s just pure content mixed in with some contextual advertising.

 Bolster Your Freelance Writing Business

There’s so much of a need for content that companies are willing to pay through the nose for good articles and blog posts.

So why not get some of that money in the next 30 days? Use Content Burger to create some epic posts that you can use as examples when signing clients. You could very easily have 3 to 4 clients paying $2500 a month each to post to their sites once a day.

That’s up to $10k per month for a few hours of work per day. And Content Burger can help you deliver on every single time…

 Create A Profitable Social Media Agency

Social media has taken over and companies as well as personalities need consistent content to stay connected to their followers. Just like the writing option above, you could easily handle social media posting for clients in the next 30 days who all pay you on a monthly retainer.

Just let Content Burger power your social media marketing for clients in the background. But don’t worry. We won’t let them know what your secret weapon is. And these are only a handful of options. I didn’t mention how you could funnel people to your products, your services, use it in consulting, coaching, and more.


Front – End: ContentBurger ($47 one time)

Everything your customers need to Discover, Plan, Compose, Analyse and Automate their Content Strategy. With the FE only they have the tools to centralize their content marketing operations for all the channels including blogs, social networks and, newsletters.

OTO1: ContentBurger PRO ($67/one-time / $27/m)

Customer have access to a Host of More Excting Features like “Team Collaboration” for Up to 5 Members with Varying Access Levels.They also get an AI Meme Creator and Generator and the Ability to create eBooks in 1 Click, More Templates and more

OTO2: ContentBurger Agency Dashboard ( $97/one-time / $$37/m) 

Gives users the access to Create Multiple Brands and Businesses which they can charge monthly or onetime to manage… PLUS the they can Invite Clients to Workspaces with features to Get Approvals for Contents, Export Data and Analytics

OTO3: ContentBurger Consultant Toolkit – $197 (one-time) 

The Ultimate Social Media Agency Kit for users to position and sell Social media and Content Marketing Services. Users get a ‘ done for you’ Agency website PLUS:

– Flyers

– Logo

– Brochures

– Proposals Template

– Contracts Template

– Questionnaire

– Pricing Plan

– Social Media Branding Graphics Assets

– Ready-To-Mail Auto-Responder Client Follow-up Series and more

OTO4: ContentBurger Reseller ($297 / $497) 

This upsell enables users to RESELL ContentBurger and KEEP 100% of the profit. Easy way to profit make money selling software products. Users get

Resellers license

Resellers dashboard

Manual & Auto account creation

Done for you marketing assets (sales page, ads, email swipes, etc)

Done for you customer support for life and many more




ContentBurger Commercial License

This license allows you to sell Content Marketing and Social media marketing services to clients. With this free License, you’ll put yourself in a position to make an additional six-figure income. Just imagine if you charged $1,000 per client or $500 per client. You would only need a handful of clients to generate a realistic six-figure yearly income.


How to Turn ContentBurger Into a 7 Figure Income working from home. (VIP TRAINING)

Just imagine if you charged $1,000 per client or $500 per client. You would only need a handful of clients to generate a realistic six-figure yearly income. You will learn how to get clients without knocking on doors – working from home even if you are self insolating this period.


VIP Bonus 3 – Social Media Calendar (365 Days Plan)

Content Burger integrates with WordPress and Medium so you can do everything right from the composer. This allows you to manage all your blogs from one place as well as write for any publications you might be a part of on the Medium platform.

The Bonuses with Resellers


Content Burger give you 30 days from your purchase to try it out for yourself without any risk at all.

Go through Content Burger and put it to test. See for yourself how easy it is to do content marketing for your business and how it can help you truly succeed online.

If after 30 days, you don’t agree that Content Burger is the best content marketing platform you’ve ever been a part of, I want you to ask for a refund.

If me or my team can’t fix your issue then I’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.


I wholeheartedly believe that Content Burger is the best content marketing platform you’ll ever use. 




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