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It’s getting harder and harder to turn your ads into profits, People don’t want ads, they want interaction -to be heard, to be engaged, to be listened to.
ConnectVideo is a Simple-To-Use Tool That Uses The Power Of Facebook’s Infrastructure To Turn Your Best Performing Posts Into Ads – On Autopilot, the tool automatically creates fully fledged FB ads with targeted custom audiences for each page.

What is ConnectVideo?

You can use ConnectVideo to legally hijack Facebook Multibillion Dolla AI infrastructure and turn it around to grow their audience, engagement and boost their sales and profit

ConnectVideo helps advertisers get retargeting back, even on iOS14! Ever since the iOS14 update was announced, we’ve been working on breakthrough technology to easily create new and profitable audiences that target all your past, present, and future clients.

With ConnectVideo

  • Run profitable ads on a budget.
  • Get higher ROI on your ad spend.
  • Drastically reduce your costs per click and acquisition.


VendorWilco de Kreij
Launch Date2021-Apr-28
Launch Time10:00 EDT
Front-End Price$197
RecommendationHighly Recommended
Official WebsiteClick Here
BonusYes (Huge)
NicheFB AI Software
Refund30 day no question money back guarantee

About Creator

Wilco de Kreij, founder & CEO of Connectio. Some call him a “Facebook Ads wizard” after seeing the results of his campaigns

Over the last few years and he helped 20,000+ clients with their marketing

For the past 6 years, his company has specialized in Facebook marketing. He has created a number of award-winning softwares designed to help business owners get top results from Facebook advertising.

How ConnectVideo works

Connectvideo monitors every post you publish on your Facebook Page, whether it’s a video or a link, text status or an image.

Using the data from Facebook Insights combined with our proprietary, advanced algorithm (for which we’ve invested 3 years and tens of thousands of dollars to develop), ConnectVideo determines which posts are the best-performing and have the highest potential.

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Features of Connect Video

Unlimited Facebook Pages

You can connect as many Pages as you have or wish.

Unlimited “Boost Post” Rules

We don’t want you to make compromises. We want you to get the best results possible. That’s why you don’t have ANY restrictions on how many rules you can use.

Filter Post Types

You want to track and promote only videos? Or only text posts? Or images? No problem. You can filter out only the post types that you want.

Keep it relevant

Maybe turning a post that was relevant two years ago into an ad is not the smartest idea. Inside ConnectVideo, you can choose a timeframe from which you want your posts to be tracked.

Auto-optimizes towards your conversions

After you set the rules, you’re free. ConnectVideo takes everything from there. Our algorithm will monitor the results of your posts and your ads, and make necessary changes to get maximum conversions.


ConnectVideo creates a history of every rule you create and how it performed. So you can see at a glance which rules might help enhance other campaigns.

Benefits of ConnectVideo

Create dynamic ad sets names

Maybe you want to take a look at the analytics yourself. Or you want someone to help you understand your numbers. With dynamic ad sets names, you’ll always know what’s what.

Set & Forget Rules

Choose from a selection of “If/Then” rules to tell Connect Audience what to look for when choosing which ads to promote.


With ConnectVideo you can monitor your organic posts 24/7 waiting for them to trigger your set rules. Once triggered your ads will be created and sent to Facebook for approval.


Make sure each “Auto-Boost” is fully optimized for your desired outcomes, whether that be conversions, sales, or engagement, by selecting a predetermined targeting for individual sets of rules.


It keeps you in the loop with e-mail updates when specific rules trigger. That way you’ll always know what’s happening, and the only surprises will be pleasant ones.

Full control

Nothing is hidden from you inside ConnectVideo. You have full control over everything that’s happening inside.

Bonuses of ConnectVideo

Bonus 01: The Outsourcing Field Manual

curating & posting ‘high-value’ content unfortunately isn’t exactly the $100/h high-leverage type of task YOU as the business owner should do. It’s more like a $5/h task … which you should outsource.
But often, ‘outsourcing’ is easier said than done And that’s why you’re getting exclusive access to our in-house “Outsourcing Field Manual”:

A 30min behind-the-scenes training on

how we do our own outsourcing, hire, train, and

how we make sure people actually deliver

including hiring-questions, so you can make sure you only hire talent that will deliver those ‘mundane’ jobs, whilst you focus your energy and efforts on the high-leverage tasks that take your business to the next level.

What’s inside

Remember that remark from above: “get them ready with education and emotion first … and then when you ask them to do something, the take up rate is huge compared to trying to do it cold”?
Now, at this point you may be thinking: “that’s great, but HOW exactly do I first put out ‘education & emotion’-content and then follow up with content that ‘asks’ them to do something?
Well, we have you covered with our own “Content Formula Masterclass”:

It’s a 90min in-depth training,
split over 6 modules that cover everything from the
underlying psychology,
the customer journey, through

content ideas (you even get a list of 292 specific ideas, so you (<- ha, your outsourcers) never run out of things to post, all the way to how to structure all of this as a strategic campaign. Best of all: you’re also getting a real-life case-study that shows all of this in action.


Thanks for your time in reading. I hope that my review has given you a hand in looking for a profitable online product. Goodbye and I will see you very soon.

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