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AVATAR BUILDER- 90% of users say that videos are helpful in their purchase decision- making.Nothing beats video content! It’s the quickest and easiest way to capture visitors’ attention and boost conversions.Video content is the future and popularity has gone hand-in-hand with the rise of social media despite the fact that so many of us consume online videos on a daily basis.
The Future Of Video Is Here… this is a New Leap in 3D Animation, Artificial Intelligence & Multi-Lingual Video Technology. The code to successfully fuse 3D Animation, Artificial Intelligence and Multilingual video technologies into one groundbreaking video app has been cracked.AvatarBuilder is your shortcut to create attention grabbing, mesmerizing and studio-quality videos within minutes without any of the costs


Avatar Builder Leverage Cutting-Edge 3D Animation, Artificial Intelligence & Award Winning Multilingual Technologies To Create. Spectacular Videos In Any Language In Minutes.
It is the first and only “Multipurpose” Video Maker featuring customizable 3D Avatar and AI scene Creator. With this software you can Create videos in any language and attract global audiences with world-class multilingual technologies included at no extra cost. You can create your perfect avatar in few clicks to represent your business
In a nutshell, Avatar Builder takes the hassle of creating a 3D avatar spokesperson for your brand to fascinate, entertain, and get you incredible results


  • Step1:Select from a wide range of 3D avatars and ready-made video templates.
  • Step2:Change colors, styles backgrounds, fonts, animations, music, voiceovers and more with total ease.
  • step3:Share & sell your videos to boost revenues, leads and sales.


Paul Ponna is an award winning tech entrepreneur, speaker, author & consultant with over 14 years of experience online from Canada. He is the founder of several million dollar SAAS companies.

Paul and Sid

Sid Diwar is an experienced tech entrepreneur, software developer and marketing consultant from Canada. He worked behind the scenes designing marketing campaigns and product ideas that went on to become million dollar ventures!

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World’s First Visual 3D Avatar Builder

Avatar Builder comes with Visual 3D avatar builder. You can Select and custom your own 3D avatar for any marketing goal to convey your message to the masses. Grow your brand in a fun and engaging way with this builder.

Pixar & Disney Style 3D Avatars

Avatar Builder comes with a wide variety of 3D avatar spokespersons representing different age groups, ethnicities, professions and backgrounds to deliver your message to the masses in a fun and engaging way.
Avatars are simple, elegant and astonishingly captivating. They command attention and hold it till the end of the video

Thousands of Done-For-You Video Template

It comes with thousands of video templates for different audiences. Save hours of time and create videos faster.
it works in 3 steps: Select a sizzling hot video template, customize and profit.
Personalize the templates as you like with your own text effects, fonts, animations, watermarks, and backgrounds for endless possibilities.
Sell to clients for top dollar with the included commercial license

Revolutionary “Smart Scene Creator” Powered By Artificial Intelligence

It Automatically turn any text into a stunning video with machine learning AI.
The AI automates HOURS of work for you

Logo Mapping Technology

This software comes with 3D avatars with your own logos to boost trust. Unlike other apps, the logo you upload becomes part of the avatar and flex’s with the avatar’s movements, for a more life-like effect than ever.
Nothing like this is available anywhere

Drag-and-Drop Video Mockups &Product Promo Builder

You can Drop your existing videos or image assets into highly engaging and professional device mockups. Showcase any product, website or brand with mesmerizing cinematic movements and camera pan and zoom effects. Create videos like the professionals without fancy equipment or big budgets.


Versatile Open-Canvas Video Builder For Custom Videos

By Avatar Builder you can Produce custom videos from scratch for any marketing goal with seconds. Simple paste your text and turn it into a spectacular video with artificial intelligence – no design skills needed. Change backgrounds, colors, fonts, text, avatars and more to create your masterpiece with total control.

Dazzling Text Effects and Animations

Avatar Builder has pro-quality text effects and animations included. Keep your viewers glued with pro-quality videos that make you look like an authority, build trust and eventually make them click the buy button

Watermark Your Videos

Avatar Builder Protect your work, send samples to clients, close more sales with instant watermarks that you add to your videos with a single click.

Millions of Copyright Free Images & Videos

It has wide range of copyright free Images. Import your own media or select from millions of copyright-free high quality image and video assets to level up your videos. Pixels, Pixabay integrations make it easy to find media that will elevate your videos and deliver results

Royalty-Free Music Library

Select from HUNDREDS of hypnotic royalty-free music tracks to boost engagement and squeeze out more profits from your videos

Full HD Videos

Render out your videos in 720p HD quality for pro-quality results every time.

Commercial License

Create UNLIMITED videos for your clients and yourself with zero limitations, royalties or monthly costs with Avatar Builder. Keep 100% of the profits you generate.


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It is a cloud-based first of its kind powerful Video Maker tool that will help you in making Creating Spectacular Videos In Any Language In Minutes. It is the best for making attractive videos that hinge your Audience. I’ve found ‘Avatar Builder a great software that allows us to create an avatar and edit its hairstyle, skin color, eyebrows and many. So that I’ve decided to write this ‘Avatar Builder Review’ to help you know more about it.


  • Content Creators
  • Authors
  • Teachers
  • Business Owners
  • Digital Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Bloggers

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Thanks for reading my review.I hope it will help you in making your decision to buy Avatar Builder .

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