1st PAGE RANKER-We all know that traffic is the most important element for the blog. In this modern era, pulling out traffic to our website is not easy. To get it done quickly and to get more traffic you need to use this type of software.

At the same time, to rank 1 on Google you need to do SEO and many features. There are always many choices for each product people search online.

Here’s A Simple, Yet Effective Way To Dominate Google’s and YouTube’s Page One Rankings With Just A Few Clicks!” We’ve Discovered A ‘Sneaky’, Yet Totally 100% Whitehat Way of Boosting Our Sites To The Top of The Search Engines!


This is a cloud-based software that helps any type of business to rank 1 in google using some super easy SEO method in few clicks. 1st Page Ranker isn’t the only livestreaming tool on the market. But it is the only live streaming tool with all of the features listed on this page.

Most others are clunky, super complicated, incredibly overpriced, and fail to deliver incredible results. And where all of the other live streaming tools fail, 1st Page Ranker absolutely shines.

Imagine being able to generate hundreds or even thousands of page one rankings within the next 24 hours with just a few clicks of your mouse.

1st Page Ranker can deliver that a more!


·         Instantly have Multiple ‘1st Page’ Rankings on Both Google/YouTube in Only 3 Clicks!

·         Results Guaranteed. No more Guesswork on ‘IF’ you’ll get “1st Page”.

·         Instantly have Multiple ‘1st Page’ Rankings on Both Google/YouTube in Only 3 Clicks!

·         Your Products/Services/Affiliate Offers will Never be in a ‘Dead-Zone’ again. Flooded with Traffic! 100% Free Organic Traffic. No more wasting Big $ On Paid Traffic.

·         Software Exploits Little Known Ranking “LoopHole” for YouTube LIVE Events

·         No need to Create, Legally Hijack ANY Video and it’s Traffic, Redirect Where YOU want it to go + Get Top Video Rankings, Works in Local & Any Niche.


CreatorAli G
Product1st Page Ranker
Launch Date2020-Jan-17
Launch Time11:00 EST
Front-End Price$22
BonusesYes, Huge Bonuses
SkillAll Levels
Guarantee30 Day Money Back Guarantee
NicheSEO & Traffic
SupportЕffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
RecommendHighly recommend!



When you get started with 1st Page Ranker, you’ll absolutely love how easy it is to use.
There’s nothing to install on your computer. Just log in, follow a few steps, and you’re ready to go!



The Easy To Use 1st Page Ranker Dashboard

When you first log in to 1st Page Ranker, you’ll find the design easy to navigate. But don’t let that fool you. 1st Page Ranker is packed with powerful tools that delivers awesome results, yet simple enough to use for even the most technical newbie!

Unlimited Use With The Latest In Loophole Live Streaming Technology

We use 1st Page Ranker in our own businesses so we’re constantly developing and improving it as Google and YouTube makes changes to livestreaming. This way you’re always up to date and can use it as much as you want!

Spin Videos With No Limitations For Maximum Use

You’ll also find that you can create tons of variations of your video in 1st Page Ranker with just one click. This is great for multiplying your efforts with less work.

Unlimited Use With The Latest In Loophole Live Streaming Technology

We use 1st Page Ranker in our own businesses so we’re constantly developing and improving it as Google and YouTube makes changes to livestreaming. This way you’re always up to date and can use it as much as you want!

Get 30 Video Uploads Monthly Guaranteed

We’ll give you a 30 month video upload pass to use as you see fit. Use them in one niche or spread them out. Target a few major keywords and build juice to them or dominate long tail keywords. The choice is yours.

(New Feature!) Import Directly From Google Drive

This is great if you have virtual assistants who create video and upload it to Google Drive or if you’ve created a video on your phone and uploaded it to your Google Drive cloud. Now you don’t need to download it and re-upload it to 1st Page Ranker. Just click a button, import, and you’re ready to get major traffic!

Create MULTIPLE Live Events With One Click

We all have a lot to do. So to make sure you’re not spending all day to get 1st Page Ranker working for you, we’ve given you the ability to capture more traffic by scheduling as many events as you want with only a single click.

Advanced Scheduling Made Easy

Want to schedule your live streams easily? How about 20 of them? With this option, you only need to click a couple of buttons to schedule 20 events with absolute ease.

Preconfigured Tokens For Fast Work

If you have items that you create over and over, you’ll love this option. Just configure your token with your preset (links, signs, etc.) and now you can use it in your descriptions and complete your campaigns incredibly fast!

Put Your Profitable Affiliate Reviews On Steroids

There’s a couple of tricks that can make your affiliate videos stand out like a sheep in a lion’s den. And that’s by using prefixes and suffixes like best, honest, latest, newest, and others. Knowing this, we’ve built these into 1st Page Ranker for you so you can get your affiliate video reviews done fast!

Works With Every Language

Of course English is the most common language spoken with marketers. But why stop there? Why not get incredible rankings in Spanish, Russian, or even Italian? 1st Page Ranker makes this possible with our multi language option so ANYONE on the planet can use it to get great rankings and traffic.

Multi Language Interface

While you can not only get results in multiple languages, you can also switch the 1st Page Ranker dashboard to any language you choose!That’s right. For those of you that English isn’t your first language or you don’t speak it fluently, just simply go to the language selection option, choose your native language, and all of 1st Page Ranker will be in the language you understand!This way you can get up and running quickly with 1st Page Ranker REGARDLESS of the language you speak.

Go Live In Minutes…Not Days or Weeks

If you want to live stream immediately, it’s no problem for 1st Page Ranker. Simply select your video, click a button and voila! You’re all set and ready to go live!

Create Optimized SEO Titles on The Fly With Just A Few Clicks

As if 1st Page Ranker wasn’t already incredible enough, we’ve gone ahead and created the ability to use prefixes and suffixes in your titles with only a few clicks too! And once you’re done, drop your title into the ‘Title Formatter’ and out comes your SEO optimized traffic sucking title!

Bypass The YouTube Duplicate Video Police With No Problem

It’s a known fact that you can’t use the same video over and over on YouTube without some kind of penalty. That’s why we’ve created our own technology in 1st Page Ranker that lets you sidestep the YouTube ‘sentinel’ and get more traffic over and over from the same video!

Get More Link Juice With Our Automated Interlinking Technology

While Google and YouTube will give your livestream videos some major love, we’ve also designed 1st Page Ranker to batch all of your videos with inter linking. This way you get even more boost with your page one rankings as well!

Handsfree Search Engine Notification For All Your Links

Everytime you setup a new campaign in 1st Page Ranker, the software will automatically ping your links to alert Google and other search engines too. This way you can start experiencing traffic in 24 hours or less…not weeks or months.

One Click Bulk Description Editing

Want to make a change to multiple listings without doing it manually one by one? We’ve got you covered. Simply use this option to easily replace text and add links at the bottom or top of your descriptions.

30 Channels For All Your Video Management Needs

We understand that not everyone has one niche they focus on getting traffic for. That’s why we’ve given you the option of plugging in 30 different video channels to your 1st Page Ranker account. This way you can dominate across multiple niches without any hassle.

100% Commercial Rights Included!

1st Page Ranker will work great for your business. This we’re sure of. But we also understand that you might have clients who can use the power of 1st Page Ranker too. That’s why we’re including commercial rights at no extra charge. This way, 1st Page Ranker will pay for itself 1000 times over!



Local business owners are desperate for new customers and put an emphasis on their online presence. And since most offline business owners are classified as tech-challenged, they will pay handsomely if you are able to bring them new revenue. And guess what, 1st Page Ranker can make it super easy to manage it all!


With a decent amount of keyword research, you could position yourself in front of all that buyer traffic with 1st Page Ranker. You could literally have 20 products all earning you $50 a day or more. Or you could generate tons of leads for other businesses and sell them a $25 a pop or more!


With 1st Page Ranker, you can get page-one rankings for all of those products coming to market and make some commissions in the process. Just a few clicks of your mouse is all it takes.


This software enables your domination for a ton of terms in your market and funnel that traffic right to your sales funnel. This would allow you to build a list, generate leads, and close sales all on handsfree mode in the present and the future!


If you own an ecommerce store, then you can funnel tons of buyer traffic to your products right from within Google. Having 1st Page Ranker is like having an army of salesman who go out and bring you more buyers for your products – no matter the niche.


1st Page Ranker is a godsaver for your blogs. You can scoop up a ton of traffic from long tail keywords and build a plethora of Google friendly backlinks in the process. And if you want, you can flip that site later for a tidy sum.


Now this may be a little out the box, but you could also use 1st Page Ranker to actually generate more views to your YouTube videos. Just take those keywords and point them to your favourite videos that you use to profit, and you can get more juice and boost to your YouTube rankings while getting more subscribers to your channel.



OTO 1: Pro Upgrade

Front end Features +

MultiSpin Event — Allows user to add spun title and description. It Also has Spintax Creator as well.

Unlimited Event Creation — Fully Unlimited without Any Caps

Upto 20 Events Per Day Per Channel

Unlimited Channel (add unlimited channels)

Unlimited Parallel Streaming (Stream in multiple channel at same time)

Advanced Random Event Creation Schedules

Complete Video Editor where user can , add — watermark, lowerthird, text and logo

Complete Image Editor where user can easily create thumbnails

Get All Future Updates

Premium Support

$37 Monthly, $297 Yearly, $497 Onetime

OTO 2: 1 Click Rebrander ($47)

Download video directly from youtube

Rebrand them in just few click

Green Screen Editor

Bi-Weekly Update of Best Performing & Tested Affiliate Products with JV Page and Demo Video to help your affiliate earning boost via live streaming.

OTO 3: AIO Video & SEO Suite ($67)

Edit images and create videos on the fly without ever leaving the LiveVidRanker dashboard

Add text to images and videos with ease

You can even add special effects, music, and more to your slideshow videos

The image editor and video creation software are automatically added to your LiveVidRanker dashboard so there’s nothing to install

With the click of your mouse you can find out how any website or video is ranking

SEO Analyzer will tell you EXACTLY how to boost rankings quickly

Instantly get a checklist with recommendations for optimizing any website for even better rankings and more traffic

You’ll also get a complete SEO analysis that points out any errors that are holding a website back and how you can fix them right away

100% newbie-friendly, point-and-click software makes it easy to get top search engine rankings FAST!

Added to your LiveVidRanker dashboard automatically so you can get started right away

Use it on your own websites or to boost client rankings

OTO 4: Expert Training ($147)

Advanced Training by Yogesh Agarwal.

Bi-Weekly Live Videos.

Live Demo of how 1st Page Ranker is being used to Generate Massive Sales +

Advanced Tips and Tricks.

Live Campaigns of Yogesh Agarwal

OTO 5: Reseller License

User Can Sell up to 250 FE Copies

The creators Will handle all the Support for User

User will get all Sales Material and his Own Backend Area where he can add/remove users.

No Affiliate Link Stuff.

This will be Available 20 Days Post Launch.

$197–250 Licenses. $247 — Unlimited Licenses



Take the next 30 days to use 1st Page Ranker for yourself.

While we cannot personally guarantee your results or that you’ll make money (we don’t know you or your work ethic, nor does the law allow for us to do that), we can guarantee that we’ve done everything in our power to make 1st Page Ranker give you an unfair advantage in the search engines. It’s changed our business and the business of many other people. That’s why we want you to take 1st Page Ranker for a full test drive.

If you run into any technical issues, we’ll do everything in our power to rectify it asap. And if we can’t? We’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.


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